Critiques by Ms C Wright (Vic)


Thank you to the committee and members of the Bullmastiff Club of South Australia for the invitation to judge my breed at your specialty show.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Thank you to the exhibitors for their entry and congratulations to them on their sportsmanship and the presentation of the exhibits.  Thank you to my lovely steward who made the ring run very smoothly.  

I found some very nice dogs in my entry.  Size & substance with good depth of rib was evident throughout the entry.  There were very few long backs.  Temperaments were excellent.  I didnít see any really light eyes but the really dark eyes were in the minority.  Mouths were overall mixed, with a number more undershot that I was expecting to see.  There were a few wry mouths, and width between the canines also needs to be watched.  Only a few of the dogs had the required pronounced stop that the standard calls for.  I found some of the dogs a little cumbersome on the move and a number did cross coming and going.

My awards and subsequent comments are based on my observations on one day.  Obviously interpretation of the standard is sometimes subjective, but each and every exhibit was given detailed consideration and evaluated according to my interpretation of the standard.  Congratulations to the winners, I look forward to seeing many of these dogs in the ring over the next few years.

Cheryl Wright

Baby Puppy Dog
1st: Taylor's - Remyk Vandiemans Own

4mth old baby, finer boned than the others in the classes, good body proportions height to length, sufficient spring of rib, good shape to skull, muzzle lacks a little in depth & breadth. Low set tail. The best put together today of the 3.

2nd: Bridgewater's - Volane Izova Baringo

Best head/muzzle of the class, excellent bone, short back, good dark eye, excellent pigmentation, steep croup, not the hindquarters of the winner, which was reflected in his poor movement.

3rd: Dawson's - Bullmighty Vibeology

Large baby puppy, excellent boning, good body length, good broad chest, good shape to skull, moderate stop. Very down in pasterns which spoilt his movement. Low set tail.

Puppy Dog
Both typically going through the puppy stage, the winner held his topline better on the move and had better movement.
1st: Ellis' Gamekeeperís Will If I Want (Imp Nor)

9mth old fawn male, sufficient boning to him, excellent pigmentation, good shape to skull, lacking a little in width of muzzle. Sufficient angulation front and rear, upper arm a little short, higher in rear on the stack today, had a good topline on the move. Tailset a little low. Good side gait, a little close coming & going.

2nd: Morphett's Intrignbull Blade

Longer and plainer in muzzle and lacking a full dark mask, good shape to skull, lacking in depth & width of muzzle, mouth just overshot. Good height to length proportions, sufficient boning. Movement a little erratic, crossing coming & going. Tailset low.

Junior Dog
1st: Raftis' Bullvalour Southern Storm

A young junior & has a lot of maturing ahead of him, lovely head with dark eye, good mouth, pronounced stop, good body proportions, excellent short back, good side gait, a little close in front. Excellent cat feet, tailset a little low.

Intermediate Dog
1st: Bradley's Kugel Burly Bruno

Very good balanced body with substance on this boy, excellent side gait. Good skull, muzzle lacks width and has a moderate stop. Good spring of rib, balanced angulation, good topline & underline.

2nd: Dawson's  Bullmighty Talk Dirty To Me

Heavily built red dog. Good topline, broad front, excellent boning, balanced angulation front & rear, a little long in body. Good width to skull and muzzle, moderate stop. Tailset a little low. Not the movement of the class winner.

Australian Bred Dog
1st:  Aust. CH Olbailee Our Geordie Boy

5yr old fawn dog, lovely headpiece both skull and muzzle, great mouth, pronounced stop, nostrils a little pinched. Broad chest, balanced angulation front and rear, excellent spring of rib. Moved well with good reach and drive.

2nd: Marion's Treebrook Crimson King

20 mth old red dog, good shape to skull, moderate stop, good body proportions, would like more spring of rib, low set tail. Didnít move with the drive of the class winner.

3rd: Dawson's Bullmighty Kiss This

Heavy built fawn dog, good width of skull and muzzle, moderate stop, good body proportions, broad front, excellent boning, balanced angulation front & rear. Tailset a little low. Movement not as good as those ahead of him.

Open Dog
1st:Dawson's Aust. CH Soloshel Midnite Nitros

Large red dog, excellent body proportions, lovely clean skull of correct shape with broad deep muzzle, excellent spring of rib, good broad chest, good topline & underline, balanced angulation front & rear. Tailset a little low. Moved with good reach & drive.

2nd: Marion's Treebrook Ilex

Medium size 2 Ĺ year old dog with sufficient boning, lovely head piece, good body proportions, good spring of rib, good topline & underline. Tail carriage not as I would expect from an open dog, which cost him the res cc. Tail set a little low.

3rd: Vandermyle's Nightbringer Warlock Son

Lovely coloured brindle, good substance, spring of rib, a little longer in body, not quite the headpiece of the 2 ahead of him with a moderate stop, good shape to skull, muzzle lacks a little in depth & breadth.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st: Wallis' Nightking Breaking Heartz

Lovely winner, good size & substance, good topline & underline, balanced angulation front & rear, excellent tailset. Lovely head, cube muzzle. Moved well with good side gait & coming & going.

2nd: Bridgewater's Volane Izova Hesket

Fawn bitch, good boning, good body proportions, shorter backed than the winner. Tailset low. Moved well enough for a baby.

3rd: Wallis' Nightking Bitter Tears

Similar in type to the class winner, not as willing to move today, good size & substance, good spring of rib. Not quite the head of the 1st place getter. Tailset a little low.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: Wallis' Bullmighty Uptown Girl

Promising youngster, good head & body proportions. Good topline & underline, good spring of rib. Balanced angulation front & rear. Sufficient reach & drive. Displayed the typical bum high puppy in the cc lineup.

Puppy Bitch
1st: Dawson's Bullmighty Ugly Betty

Heavily built puppy, stacks up well but very loose in body on the move. Good broad chest, excellent spring of rib, longer in body at this stage. Balance angulation front & rear.

2nd: McDermott's Brinkybull Cinnamon Girl

9 mths old fawn puppy. Still going through the gangly stages, Excellent pigmentation, sufficient spring of rib, sufficient boning with reasonable body proportions. Mouth not as good as 1st. Adequate reach and drive with side gait, not so good coming & going. Croup a little steep with a lower set tail.

Intermediate Bitch

5 bitches all of very good type, final placings decided on hindquarters & hind movement.

1st: Marion's Aust. CH Treebrook Sweet Elder

She was the winner when she came in the ring, good body proportions, good spring of rib, good topline, good shape to skull & muzzle, longer flews. Moved well. Tailset a little low

2nd: Jackson's Nightbringer Bitta Sweet

Similar to 1st, not as good in head, good skull, moderate stop, slightly longer flews. Good body proportions with good spring of rib. Moved well.

3rd: Crilly/Wehmeier 's Grizzmuffley Valentina

The youngest in the class, best head of the placing, a little long in body, held her topline on the move, needs more width throughout, which should come with maturity. Good side gait, a little close behind.

Australian Bred Bitch
1st: Lofthouse's Olbailee Gretna Girl

Good body proportions height to length, lovely side gait, a little close coming & going. Pleasing head. A little narrow in front, good depth of rib.

2nd: Ellis' Aust. CH Bulavista Millsweet Sari

A better head than the winner, though with a larger ear. She is longer in body and not the movement of the winner today. Good size & substance, good length of neck with good spring of rib, good broad chest with good boning.

3rd: Bridgewater's Aust. CH Powerbulmas Maddona

Good head type, good spring of rib that has a little too much covering them. Good body proportions, hind movement let her down.

Open Bitch
1st: Ellis' Aust. CH Bulavista Downunder Diva

Lovely profile on this girl with a good head, larger ear. Good depth of body to length of leg, good spring of rib. Broad chest, good boning. Her movement let her down, as she doesnít have the reach and drive that her angulation should give her, and she is very close behind.

2nd: Dawson's Aust. CH Bullmighty Noplcfrangls

Another lovely girl, good size and substance with a good spring of rib. Good body proportions. A litter short in upper arm and her topline rises a little. Good shape to skull, moderate stop, lacks a little in muzzle depth. Moved with adequate reach & drive.

3rd: Wallis' Nightking Ablakeyedblond

Heavily built girl, longer in body and shorter in leg, good spring of rib, well boned. Good shape to skull but muzzle lacks a little in depth.


The CC to the intermediate bitch for her overall qualities, good body proportions & movement.  The Res CC to the second in intermediate bitch, over the open bitch, because of her better mouth & movement .

Best in Show went to the male, with a lovely headpiece, great body proportions and really moved around the ring.  The Runner Up in Show to the reserve male, whilst the bitch had the better movement, he had the better head, with shorter flews, broad nostrils, pronounced stop and a lovely short back.